Weight control – Lifestyle change

How do I work?

Step One. Questionnaire & Analysis
Step Two. Consultation & Initiation
Step Three. Food audit & essentials list
Step Four. Pre-programme briefing

Step One. You will be given a concise questionnaire to complete—an outline health survey, background personal fitness report, and a lifestyle and diet survey.

Step Two. In depth consultation at your home, talking through the questionnaire and discussing any key issues.

Stage Three. Key to my Body Transformation Programme it is not a diet. You will be given specific food and meal advice for the entire duration of the programme. As part of this stage, your larder, fridge and eating habits will all be audited. An essentials list will be supplied.

Step Four. Pre-programme briefing Following a detailed analysis of your questionnaire, a programme specially tailored to your specific needs and aspirations will be prepared. You’ll then be briefed on your programme prior to its commencement and supplied with specially designed recipes and meal plans.

This is a powerful proven easy to follow step-by-step action formula to achieve your ideal weight.

Unlike a diet (which never works) or a traditional weight loss programme, Rebodied is a, one-to-one ACTION PLAN tailored exclusively for an individual’s specific needs. Thanks to a unique blend of eating style, movement and mindset development — clients achieve amazing results.

I have created a method to help both women and men get to their ideal size and body shape and stay there. This then helps people create an elevated sense of energy, vibrancy and wellbeing within themselves. These results are life lasting creating a feeling of confidence, revitalisation and control.

In your 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and 70’s your body goes through major change it is important to have the tools to know how to navigate through these years to maintain your weight this in turn will keep your internal body weight the same or younger than your actual weight preventing elevated cholesterol, high blood pressure and other age related conditions. This is all done to keep you at your optimum level.

My wish is to change peoples eating habits— I want to work with people to break their old bad habits and help them create new healthy ones.

I can help people to a great looking body with a health legacy to match.


I run two different packages

The Kickstart – 4 week programme
This as it says will kickstart your body onto the right setting to give you enough information and a step in the right direction to change the way you eat.

Maintenance – 6 week programme
As this programme runs for two weeks longer than the kick start you are more into the maintenance stage of your lifestyle change.

Please contact me directly for pricing on the above programmes.

Georgina has been amazingly supportive, especially in the early stages of the eating plan, keeping in touch and giving lots of moral support and encouragement.
— Fiona, Chelsea