Barking Fit
Exercise Classes

Wall squat while considering Eat Less!

Wall squat while considering Eat Less!

Where: Opposite The Peace Pagoda, Battersea Park, London

When: Tuesday at 9.00 a.m / Thursday 10.00 a.m

WhatBarking Fit is a constantly moving outdoor exercise class where owners get a work out and their dog get a run. Now you can keep fit and walk your dog—all at the same time. Maximum 10 humans per class!

The class is broken down as follows:

1. A dynamic stretch to raise the body temperature and pulse, using all major muscle groups in a controlled rhythmical manner. This increases the blood flow and elasticity of muscle tissue and reduces the risk of injury.

2. Power walk/jog/sprint to first station of exercise. Cardio exercise in short bursts—HIT/ high-intensity training. This improves aerobic and anaerobic capacity, stamina and strength. It reduces the amount of sugar in your blood stream and releases fatty acids that can be burned off by your muscles.

3. Upper body exercises, triceps and biceps. Arm definition. Different exercises for arm muscles and upper body.

4. Power walk between exercises.

5. Gluts exercises. A variety of different exercises to achieve bottom definition.

6. Abs. Different exercises to create a strong core.

7. Final Stretch. Stretching is an essential part of the cool down and closing phase of a training session. Stretching muscles after they have been worked prevents muscle soreness after exercise. It also gradually brings the body back to normal and helps you to wind down, promoting mental relaxation.


 Some of the health benefits:

• It increases energy levels.

• It strengthens your heart.

• It lowers blood pressure.

• It improves muscle tone and strength. It strengthens and builds bones.

• It helps reduce body fat.

• It releases endorphins. 

• It makes you look fit and healthy. 


Barking Fit is not only very social for the dogs to run around together and make new friends it is a place for humans to connect, chat and share ideas as we walk and exercise.  

“This is the only high energy fitness that I do in the week. Georgina makes the classes different every week we work on all parts of our body..I am definitely fitter and stronger .” Anastasia, Fulham

“Such a fun concept - working out and walking the dog at the same time - two ticks off the To-do list.” Charlotte Battersea

“I love the people and Georgina always puts so much research and thought into the exercise programme each week…she is very mindful about what exercises are perfect for us!” Fiona, Chelsea

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